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Real-life classical ciphers

Elonka goes over real-world examples of classical ciphers, some solved, some unsolved. Attendees can see some of the great advances on ciphers ranging from the Zodiac Killer cipher, solved after 50 years of trying, to the ciphers of Mary, Queen of Scots, whose encrypted messages were lost for centuries in a corner of the French National Library, to other remarkable ciphers used for communication over the last 200 years.

About Elonka Dunin

The Art & Science of Metawar

The Metaverse is the Most Powerful, Addictive, Reality Distortion Machine Ever Conceived… and it Can Predict the Future.

The metaverse is an evolving storytelling environment in which humans have congregated for millennia to experience alternate, immersive, and simulated realities, with or without technology. Storytelling is designed to influence mental and physical perceptions suiting the purposes of the content creators.

 Metawar is the art of applying science to create and defend against the influence of alternate realities in the metaverse. What if we can longer rely on our senses to determine what is real and what is fiction?

 My research into Metawar initially focused on metaversal technologies. Unexpectedly, it morphed into an intensely personal experience, triggering my own Metanoia, which had a profound impact on the entire Metawar Thesis.

Immersive Experience = >

Reality Distortion =>

Disinformation = >>

Manipulation =>

Reward =>

Addiction =>



My Metanoia has been integral to the evolution of thinking about the synthesis of carbon-silicon technologies and the Venn of objective-subjective reality perception. Please, bring your thoughts so we can talk about how what being human even means as increasingly immersive metaverse experiences bend our sense of reality.

And, how we can protect ourselves, our children, and our reality.

I |absolutely| do not |believe|in |absolutism|.

We knew and yet we did nothing.

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Helping The Hackers

This talk seems to address one of the main pain points penetration testers and bug bounty hunters encounter which is client/yet management and reporting. It also offers a solution in a free unrestricted tool to help you track your artifacts and speed delivery while enforcing consistency in testing and delivery

About Ron Foster

Making Your Own Windows ISOs

Have you ever wanted to create your own Windows ISO that has your favorite programs installed just the way you want? Configured the way you want? Updatable and can be done entirely offline? Come sit in on poiupoiu’s talk about making your own Windows ISOs using software that you can go out and download right now and deploy at home or in your organization! Like many good talks, there will be a live portion where hopefully the computer gods do not frown upon and humiliate me.

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Electroplating Random Nouns from Scratch

This talk will cover a recipe/steps for making electroplating solution, the process of painting the subject with graphite paint, calculations for amperage, and other considerations.

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CircuitPython: Quick, Easy, and Powerful Embedded Projects

CircuitPython is Adafruit’s port of MicroPython, allowing anyone to build embedded projects with a friendly language, a huge collection of useful libraries, and zero toolchains to install. Join Tyler in exploring the basics of getting started with CircuitPython, the supported hardware, some tips and tricks for using advanced features, and some live demos and examples! In particular, we’ll dive into using ESP32s and MQTT for IoT projects, displayio for rendering to LCD and OLED displays, and low-power modes for battery-powered devices.

About Tyler Crumpton

Java Android Magisk Burp Objection Root Emulator Easy (JAMBOREE)

Get a working portable Python/Git/Java environment on Windows in SECONDS without having local administrator, regardless of your broken Python environment. Our open-source script downloads directly from proper sources without any binaries. While the code may not be perfect, it includes many useful PowerShell tricks.

Run Android apps and pentest without the adware and malware of BlueStacks or NOX.

Run BloodHound Active Directory auditing tool

AUTOMATIC1111 Stable Diffusion web UI A browser interface based on Gradio library for Stable Diffusion

AutoGPT ( Setup for Pay as you go gpt3-turbo )


Android Debloat Tools

How it works:

Temporarily resets your windows $PATH environment variable to fix any issues with existing python/java installation

Build a working Python environment in seconds using a tiny 16 meg Python binary and portable PortableGit. Our solution doesn’t require a package manager like Anaconda.

** coming soon SaftyNet Bypass from Yuzzuff AKA N2R2D2 **

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Troubleshooting, it’s a mindset not a conclusion. .

Troubleshooting is often seen as fixing the problem, when in reality it should be seen as fixing the problem that caused the problem. Please join to hear about some general overarching rules for troubleshooting issues in systems that can help when you’ve run up against a problem and are not sure where to start.  

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Riding the Wavelength: Making the Most of Dark Fiber

Network-focused organizations with a presence in at least two locations will eventually run out of fiber pairs between those locations – usually at an inconvenient time. But what if I told you that, by combining multiple colors of light into one strand of fiber, you (yes, you) could pass terabits of data per second through one fiber strand? This talk will give you an overview of the wavelength-division techniques that enable us to squeeze every drop of capability out of our metropolitan networks, long-haul fiber links, undersea cables, and that one thing on the cover of Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon.” Preexisting general knowledge of fiber optics is not required, but basic knowledge of the concepts of light and color may be helpful.

About Hunter “hfuller” Fuller

Secure Spouse, Secure House

Are you tired of your spouse’s accounts getting compromised? Does their idea of a complex password look like ‘54321’? You are in love, but how do you get in line to be safe together? Well come join me on my talk where I share how I have created a security program for me and my spouse. I will discuss our approach to risk management, program development and maintaining it. This is meant to be a fun and educational talk around building a security program, but with a focus on family.

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How to Doom a Cryptowallet

A look at custom cryptowallet firmware design and development for practical and meme applications.

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Whisker Watch: Leveraging Bluetooth LE Tracking to Monitor Your Cat

If you’ve dabbled with home automation then you’ve probably realized what a deep rabbit hole it can be. There’s so many different sensors you can integrate to collect data and find tune your home environment. Temperature sensors to keep the thermostat just right. Motion sensors switching lights on and off as you move from room to room. Unless you are a cat owner… Your cat doesn’t care about accurate sensor data. Nor does it care if it triggers a light sensor on the other side of the house, leaving you on the toilet in the dark. What do you do? Go back to flipping light switches like a savage? Or do you lean into the technology and incorporate Bluetooth LE based tracking of your cat so your home automation system knows when to ignore a motion trigger? The answer is obvious. Which is why I’ll be presenting my solution for real-time tracking of your household pets. And I promise lots of cat pictures and memes throughout the talk.

About Joe Cathell

First Steps in using Wireshark

Wireshark is a gateway to a deeper understanding of the digital world we inhabit. Whether you’re a networking enthusiast, an IT professional, a security analyst, or just a curious individual, Wireshark offers valuable insights and the ability to troubleshoot issues, optimize networks, and enhance security. We hope this talk serves as your first step towards understanding your network traffic.

About Dr James Church

Thinking outside the cage: How we built a modular efficient datacenter from shipping containers

Our own benthemeek will have an in person conversation with local CTO and entrepreneur Jon Hoscheit about his tech journey and creative approaches to building a Data Center in a modular way right here in Murfreesboro TN. Come hear some of the “creative “out-of-the-cage” ways this was done including creative uses of excess heat!

About Jon Hoscheit

Cybersecurity resilience. Building a business continuity plan in order to recover from cyber attacks.

Come hear from a 23 year veteran of the Industry on his experience creating and building cybersecurity programs

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Towards Clean Code and Test Driven Development: a How-To Beginners Guide

This is an introduction into learning how to design your code towards being testable, and therefore also produce better code in the first place. Having worked in industry and taught at the university level I find that most developers, especially new ones, have difficulty designing testable code. This talk is aimed at allowing you to learn the basics of designing testable code and moving eventually towards the buzz words that you may have heard about: “Clean Code” and “Test Driven Development” . This talk will use Android and Kotlin as example platform/language, but the concepts are platform/language agnostic so all are welcome. All experience levels are welcome.

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A decade of 3D printed guns

Oddball gives an update to his previous talk “Why I’m not afraid of 3D printed guns, and neither should you.”  He gives a brief history of 3D printed guns, other homemade firearms, and where we stand now.  He will also touch on reasons that you should pay attention to developments in the 3D printed gun world, both technologically and legally, even if you’re not interested in printing one yourself or firearms in general.

About Oddball

How to talk like a Pirate

Avast, me hearties! Set sail on a rollicking voyage into the world of pirate parlance with my talk on talking like a true buccaneer. Ye’ll unearth the hidden torrents of pirate lingo, plundering authentic trackers and codecs to leave your shipmates astounded. Be it for swashbuckling escapades on Talk Like a Pirate Day or just to add a touch of pirate panache to yer everyday TV, this talk’ll have ye hollering ‘Hoist the moving picture, me hearties!’ like a seasoned scallywag in the blink of a one good eye!

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The Non-Infringing PhreakNIC Game Show!

This Game Show will feature a variety of 6 Categories with 5 questions each on a variety of Hacky things. Play with friends or alone in one of 6 teams answering questions about hackers in popculture as well as famous (or imfamous) news worthy events, tools and more in the cyber security world!

More posted soon!