Activities and More


A unique capture the flag for any level of practitioner 🙂

Food with friends

PhreakNIC has lunch and dinner breaks long enough for you to get to know new friends or catch up with old ones. Hands down the people that you converse with are the best thing thing about PhreakNIC; be bold and join a group that is going to go eat!

Digital Game tables

Take the Minecraft opensource clone minetest for a spin or try a adrenaline pumping CTF shooter. We will even have some console emulation if you have a jones for the 16-bit games of times gone by!

Lego Corner

Have you ever just wanted to play with Lego bricks but didn’t have enough to build what you wanted? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Make sure you tweet out the pictures of your creations and tag @PhreakNIC!

LockSport Nook

Wikipedia: “Lock picking has been around for as long as locks have, and recreational lock picking has been as well. King Louis XVI of France (1754-1793) was a keen designer, picker and manipulator of locks, and physicist Richard Feynman picked locks for fun in the 1940s while employed on the Manhattan Project. Notes from the MIT Roof and Tunnel Hacking community were made widely available in 1991 as The MIT Guide to Lock Picking.”

Elliot of Mr. Robot fame states: “The lock pick. Every hacker’s favorite sport. The perfect system to crack, mostly because unlike virtual systems, when you break it, you can feel it. You can see it. You can hear it.”

Try it for yourself! It is both easier and harder than it looks….

Board Games after talks

Settlers of Catan, Dominion etc.  We don’t just love technology, after the talks we will keep the tradition of board gaming alive in the atrium!