About PhreakNIC


Q: What is PhreakNIC?

A: PhreakNIC is a technology conference held annually in Middle Tennessee. PhreakNIC began as an infosec hacker convention but has blurred the lines over the years to include the maker scene, ham radio, DIY engineering, and experimental technology.

Q: Why should I attend PhreakNIC?

A: Whether you’re interested in technical education, hacking on software and hardware, sourcing maker supplies, building fusion reactors, launching rockets, or talking to people who are passionate about their interests – PhreakNIC will have something for you.

Q: When is PhreakNIC?

A: PhreakNIC will run all day November 3rd and 4th 2023

Q: Where is PhreakNIC?

A: PhreakNIC is at the Clarion Inn in Murfreesboro TN.

Q: I want to give a talk at PhreakNIC. What do I do?

A. Go toย Come Speak at PhreakNIC.

Q: I called the hotel to reserve a room. What do I tell them?

A: Our group code is Nashville2600 with a special discounted rate that you should call for. Please book by phone before October 27th and it will help us get a discount on the space we are using.

Q: I want to share my vehicle or my room at PhreakNIC, to offset the cost. What should I do?

Get in touch with the community on the Nashville 2600 Root mailing list.

Q: What if I need to find a ride, or want to see if there is a room I can crash in?

A: Get in touch with the community on the Nashville 2600 Root mailing list.

Q: How much does all of this fun cost?

A: Early Birdย Pre-Registration is $42.00. Registration is $50.00 afterwards and at the door. The T-Shirts are $20 each if you purchase them during pre-registration. Volunteers who work two 2 hour shifts, for a total of 4 hours, get a FREE T-SHIRT. Otherwise, the shirts are $25.

Q: Wow, you make a convincing argument. How do I VOLUNTEER?

A: Check the VOLUNTEERS page for more information. We’ll be in touch with you about your specific role and give you
access to the organization channels.

Q: I have some other question that isn’t covered here, where can I ask?

A: Either get in touch with the community on the Nashville 2600 Root mailing
, or write to us at info@nashville2600.org.

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