PhreakNIC 22


Give the kids a soldering iron…

Wanting to know how things work is not just an adult hacker trait. For the third year in a row we will be equipping kids accompanied by a responsible adult with a soldering iron and let them assemble a little kit they can be proud of.  We only have a set number of tickets for the children’s slot and then they are gone. If you have a budding young curious enthusiast; why not bring them and let them join in the fun of our kids track on Saturday? Ideally they will probably get the most out of the track if they are 8 yrs of age or older.  Why should we teach kids how to solder? Maybe the right question is why not?

Geek Potluck

We know you aren’t satisfied with just understanding how tech works. By now we are sure you have dabbled in that mysterious area of food preparation too.  We have listened to you talk about your geeky ways of cooking (mine is an instant pot) and your favorite things to eat in our lightning talks for 3 years now (with mouth’s watering) … Time to put it on display. Saturday night during the dinner break why not bring your gadget or favorite recipe down to the Cannonsburg room. Just enough for yourself or your party if they are eating and one other person. All that contribute can participate.  This will be run by the attendees and a few of us will bring some extra paper plates /bowls utensils. Get ready for my super easy (but excellent) Mojito Lime Chicken and potatoes!

Reverse engineering… your truck?

Say you had a computer controlled diesel truck. Say you wanted to figure out just what that computer controlled… without documentation

Come to PhreakNIC and meet Swamp. A local enthusiast and tinker who just couldn’t stop until he had reverse engineered the circuit boards and various control modules of his truck. Before long, people were coming to him for help.. Come hear about his discoveries as someone who understands the reverse engineering process; the long and painful journey it takes to understand just what goes on in the circuit boards of a vehicle.

Volunteers Wanted

Help us keep PhreakNIC going strong.
There are many great conventions people can attend regarding infosec.  These conventions offer a narrow focused perspective on a subject we all love.

The thing I love about PhreakNIC is that it is eclectic.  It is not only about InfoSEC. You have Shapr with his wonderful wearables, people building houses in the woods out of shipping containers, the many talented members of the Makers256.  We have even have people bring jet engines and fusion reactors to this conference.  This is a con worth supporting.  If you would like to volunteer to run a soldering station, contact speakers, or help us lead our twitter army please send us an email to


If you love PhreakNIC like we do but are too busy to volunteer we also take checks.

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