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Schedule Up!

Friday, October 19th Talk Activity
9:00 AM (Registration Opens)
10:00 AM Welcome to PhreakNIC!
11:00 AM Cloudless Home Automation in a Cloudy World (Activites room opens)
12:00 PM Friday Lunch Break (NETKOTH opens)
1:00 PM GNU Make: A 42 year old build tool
2:00 PM Teaching OpenSCAD to Bob
3:00 PM Let’s Get JAMming: An introduction to static site generators
4:00 PM PowerShell: The windows administrator’s swiss army knife
5:00 PM Friday Dinner Break
6:00 PM Friday Dinner Break
7:00 PM Home labs: Gambling between a Christmas Card from the Power Company, or a surprise DEA Bust
8:00 PM Hacking 101 Panel
9:00 PM After Panel (Board Games, hangout, activites)
Saturday, October 19th
9:00 AM (Registration Opens)
10:00 AM Intro to Field Programmable Gate Arrays
11:00 AM Inside the code of an automotive Engine Control Module Kids Track Opens
12:00 PM Saturday Lunch Break Kids Track Continues
1:00 PM Waiting for the FBI – Update on FOIA Inquiry for Time Bomber Book
2:00 PM REST is dead, long live GraphQL! Kids Track Final Hour
3:00 PM Totally_Not_RMcCurdy.exe
4:00 PM Gaslighting: Manipulating Reality Geek Ladies’ Tea Party
5:00 PM Saturday Dinner Break – Geek Potluck (Geek Pot luck) NETKOTH Ends
6:00 PM Saturday Dinner Break – Geek Potluck
7:00 PM Clustering, Kubernetes, and Rasberry Pi; Oh My!
8:00 PM PhreakNIC Closing Remarks / Lightning Talks
9:00 PM After talks end (Board Games, hangout, activites)

Some of the featured talks this year.. (with a few more to come)

Cloudless Home Automation in a Cloudy World
Gaslighting: Manipulating Reality

Website creation that fast, beautiful, simple and .. secure??

Come hear Dennis Stepp’s talk: “Let’s Get JAMming: An introduction to static site generators”.  “In under an hour you can build your blog, project documentation, or even a very basic eCommerce site. ”  The talk will be accompanied by several demonstrations. Even if you don’t make sites yourself, the next time you get that dreaded “You know about computers! – How should I build a website?”  Then you will know. (.. and knowing is half the battle 😉 )

Reverse engineering… your truck?

Say you had a computer controlled diesel truck. Say you wanted to figure out just what that computer controlled… without documentation

Come to PhreakNIC and meet Swamp. A local enthusiast and tinker who just couldn’t stop until he had reverse engineered the circuit boards and various control modules of his truck. Before long, people were coming to him for help.. Come hear about his discoveries as someone who understands the reverse engineering process; the long and painful journey it takes to understand just what goes on in the circuit boards of a vehicle.