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Kid’s track registrations

Know a youngster whose favorite questions are ‘Why?” and “How?”

(best for ages 8-14)

Pre-register them for our kid’s track: (only while tickets last)

  • Learn to solder a small badge with a soldering iron.

     Note:  Please be accompanied by a responsible adult (adult need not purchase an admission but is expected to supervise their child)

  • Learn to make logos with the free open source art program Gimp!
  • Learn how to fly (and get to keep) their own mini quad copter drone!
  • Learn about resistance and play with a makey makey! ( the invention kit for everyone)
  • Learn how some props in magic tricks work!
  • Learn how to tie balloon animals!
  • Play some computer games

and more!

Give the kids a soldering iron…

Wanting to know how things work is not just an adult hacker trait. For the third year in a row we will be equipping kids accompanied by a responsible adult with a soldering iron and let them assemble a little kit they can be proud of.  We only have a set number of tickets for the children’s slot and then they are gone. If you have a budding young curious enthusiast; why not bring them and let them join in the fun of our kids track on Saturday? Ideally they will probably get the most out of the track if they are 8 yrs of age or older.  Why should we teach kids how to solder? Maybe the right question is why not?